Sunday, January 30, 2011

First off! CHICKS!

This will be my first post ever on this blog and what better thing to talk about than girls?

I guess that many guys have as much problem as me to meet, get and find girls.
Some might call us pathetic losers or nerds.
I mean, I've had a drystreak that lasted over a year until I banged one of my co-workers.

What is it with girls nowadays?
They all say that they want a sweet and caring guy but the don't go for them?
Instead they go for the douchebag that will treat her bad and will hurt them emotianally after a while.

And then they come crying to you.
"OMG, im so sad, I cant believe he did that. All guys are jerks!"
And the only job you have is being stuck in the friend-zone and comfort her and get NOTHING out of it.

So, if any girls read this blog. (I hardly think so)
Why the hell are you doing this?

And guys, I know im not alone. So tell me stories in the comments.

Peace out.
- Septic


  1. Yeah man. I hear you. Friend zoned for life here...

  2. im a d-bag and yes I seem to get laid often. I can be sweet but they don't like that man.. gotta mix it up i guess
    supportin your problems.

    My story is girls gotta be with dudes that they say to me they don't want to be with. im trying to be single and not be with these women and they want to CHEAT and im like no be single BUT dudes with girlfriends tend to give girlfriend money and such so why oh why would they leave a free meal?

    hard to work, nice to stay in the kitchen

  3. I have so much trouble with the dang friend zone.

  4. buddy... im gonna go ahead and give you the cheatcodes to life and love. ready?...
    because EVERYBODY will envy your self confidence and autonomy. also, chicks WANT to be sweet-talked. so do it. they WANT to hear that they are your everything. so tell them. tell them what they want to hear and use them because Stockholm Syndrome is more common than everybody thinks