Sunday, January 30, 2011

First off! CHICKS!

This will be my first post ever on this blog and what better thing to talk about than girls?

I guess that many guys have as much problem as me to meet, get and find girls.
Some might call us pathetic losers or nerds.
I mean, I've had a drystreak that lasted over a year until I banged one of my co-workers.

What is it with girls nowadays?
They all say that they want a sweet and caring guy but the don't go for them?
Instead they go for the douchebag that will treat her bad and will hurt them emotianally after a while.

And then they come crying to you.
"OMG, im so sad, I cant believe he did that. All guys are jerks!"
And the only job you have is being stuck in the friend-zone and comfort her and get NOTHING out of it.

So, if any girls read this blog. (I hardly think so)
Why the hell are you doing this?

And guys, I know im not alone. So tell me stories in the comments.

Peace out.
- Septic

Saturday, January 29, 2011

It starts...

The writing will start tomorrow. HOPEFULLY!