Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Great... I just got the information that i will be jobless 25:th of februari and forward.

Right now im working as a personal assistant to a handicapped person and I kind of like it. A little to long days thought because we work 24-hour shifts. But it's good money!

The thing is, I don't know what the hell to do after i lose this job. I want to go back to work with computers as a network technician but I've been out of the market for over a year so I have forgoten alot of stuff!

I have no idea what I am supposed to do, I cant afford to go back to school my monthly fees are way to high with rent on the new apartment and more.

So I'm kind of stuck, what the hell should I do?

- Septic

Black Dahlia Murder - What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse

Sunday, January 30, 2011

First off! CHICKS!

This will be my first post ever on this blog and what better thing to talk about than girls?

I guess that many guys have as much problem as me to meet, get and find girls.
Some might call us pathetic losers or nerds.
I mean, I've had a drystreak that lasted over a year until I banged one of my co-workers.

What is it with girls nowadays?
They all say that they want a sweet and caring guy but the don't go for them?
Instead they go for the douchebag that will treat her bad and will hurt them emotianally after a while.

And then they come crying to you.
"OMG, im so sad, I cant believe he did that. All guys are jerks!"
And the only job you have is being stuck in the friend-zone and comfort her and get NOTHING out of it.

So, if any girls read this blog. (I hardly think so)
Why the hell are you doing this?

And guys, I know im not alone. So tell me stories in the comments.

Peace out.
- Septic

Saturday, January 29, 2011